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22 May 2015 @ 08:21 pm
OK, so I hadn't done this yet and thought I really should. =)

This is incomplete at the moment, since I have yet to catalogue where most of the bases came from: suffice to say that very few of them were capped by me since I can't get very good quality on my laptop for some reason!

BasesCollapse )

Textures and BrushesCollapse )

FontsCollapse )

Right, so ... that was still pretty procrastinatory! Will fix it soon, I promise!
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01 April 2006 @ 06:34 pm
Well hellooooo!

I bring icons. New obsession = Babylon 5, although there is one DS9 icon in there (well, the DS9 one is kind of B5 related too). There's a lot of Morden. Mmm, Ed Wasser. Several of the icons are actually the same cap: I just can't decide which way to go with it and end up making several versions, which is a bit silly.

I want to live just long enough ...Collapse )

I really gotta learn to try and make batches of icons all in the same STYLE. OK - next set is going to be all in the same style. Dunno what that style will be, but meh.
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OK, I told myself I'd sum up a few more icons before making a post, but I got impatient. Not only that, but I need to DL a new WinZip so I can get new fonts, and so I'm holding off on making any more icons till I can finish the last one I was working on (needs the right font).

Here be icons!
7 DS9
7 Babylon 5

Our last best hope to boldly goCollapse )

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03 January 2006 @ 03:41 pm
3 The Nanny: CC/Niles
5 Cuentame Como Paso: 2 Ines, 2 Ines/Uge, 1 Lluvia Rojo (Pili!)
1 U2
1 La Mala Educación (Gael Garcia Bernal)

Watch me walking, walking out the doorCollapse )
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03 January 2006 @ 02:32 pm
Hey all!

These are just a few DS9 icons I've made over the past while, thought I'd collect them together here. =)

Randomness aheadCollapse )

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05 November 2005 @ 07:34 pm
In response to artphilia's icon challenge ... here are my few sorry attempts ... :( I know they suck (ESPECIALLY the animated one!) ... am working on some more though!

Will be back with more (and hopefully better), eventually! Though Damar is my current muse ... muhahaha!

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20 October 2005 @ 01:47 pm
As promised, here are some more of the "DS9 characters's likes" icons, this time with the three coolest Cardies in town: Garak, Dukat and Damar.

*drinks kanar* Is it wrong of me to think that Damar is actually pretty fit?

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17 October 2005 @ 09:44 pm
Heya all!!

Been trying to expand my icon-making abilities and at last got round to my hoard of beautiful Annie Lennox pics. How wonderful is that woman - she manages to be both strikingly beautiful and unique, and yet chameleonic in all the different guises she puts on. Madonna, eat your heart out.

Anyway, I probably don't do her justice but meh, here goes - most of these are made from the pics submitted a while ago by us all as our fave Annie pics, also! :)


I walk into an empty room, and suddenly my heart goes boomCollapse )

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15 October 2005 @ 04:03 pm
(x-posted to my icon journal and my personal journal as well as ds9icons)

Batch of DS9 main characters icons (aka the ones in the opening credits: recurring character icons to come soon!) Please take any you like, comment and credit! :)

What are you like?Collapse )

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02 October 2005 @ 08:36 pm
These are my latest ventures into the world of icon-making ... am trying to learn a bit more about textures, layers and the like ... it's slow work for me I'm afraid, but I'll get the hang of it bit by bit. Will make an icon post soon with my earlier (even less advanced) avs, just so they stop hanging around looking mournfully at me.

3 "A Room With A View"
2 Toni Collette
2 Cardassian icons (1 Garak, 1 Dukat)

Only connect the prose and the passionCollapse )

NOTE: the Garak one is from the ep where Bashir is stuck in the James Bond programme - "Our Man Bashir", I think. Anyway, Andrew Robinson plays Scorpio in "Dirty Harry". I like silly in-jokes ...

Also, the Forster quote about connecting isn't actually from "A Room With A View", as I'm sure some of you know ... I just figured it applies to most of his work really, and those two books in particular. "Muddle" icons coming along soon no doubt! :)
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